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Talk to Rocco about how to strengthen your business partnership. If you’re an attorney or business consultant who works with business owners, learn how you can offer this service to your clients.

Rocco Luisi

Strengthening Business Partnerships is a system to improve relationships between company co-owners so you make more money, have more time to do what you want, and have more freedom.  We do this by building trust, improving communication and treating each other fairly.  When you create a positive environment by improving relationships through trust, communication and fairness, your business is going to skyrocket.  You’re going to wake up every morning with more energy and you’re going to look forward to building your business.

With ingenuity, smarts and hard work, you’ve built a prosperous company from the ground up or successfully carried it on from the last generation or prior owners.  Now you need to make sure your business is strategically poised to last to the next generation or a well-timed sale.  Strengthening Business Partnerships allows you to do so.

Strengthening Business Partnerships is for business owners, and attorneys and business consultants who work with business owners.

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Did you know that 90% of all U.S. businesses are either family owned or controlled and less than 1/3 survive transition from first to second generation?  The reason is typically an insufficient or no written shareholder agreement, family disputes, disengaged “silent partners”, lack of supervision and oversight, unfair compensation, the absence of a well-constructed Board or theft of business assets by an owner.  After working with business owners for over two decades, Rocco distills his experience into the top ten red flags for strengthening business partnerships.  Through ten case studies, you will learn how to identify areas in need of strengthening and solutions to address them.  Although each red flag has different solutions, they are all rooted in trust, communication and fairness between owners.  Once relationships between the owners are strengthened, the company will skyrocket, and it will be poised to last to the next generation or well-timed sale.


‘Bright and articulate’ are the complimentary words that come to mind when I think of Rocco Luisi.  I’ve had the pleasure of being Rocco’s business partner and serving on multiple boards with him for several years during which he has established himself as an invaluable legal advisor and board member.  His legal and strategic analysis are first rate.  In addition, his board committee work, including chair of multiple legal committees, has been impressive.  Above all, I am most impressed with Rocco’s ability to clearly and thoughtfully formulate his points and calmly deliver them in any environment or scenario – this is truly a trait that makes him stand out.  His calm and informed demeanor makes him a true asset for any position, especially in the legal and strategic realms.

Mark A. Pfister

Chairman & CEO, Integral Board Group, LLC

Rocco is a strategic thinker who excels at solving complex problems.  He also has a knack for simplifying and communicating them so everyone can understand them.  I have served with Rocco on our town Council for a decade.  In that time, we have successfully tackled many complicated legal issues, including a lawsuit concerning a town ordinance in which the town was named as a defendant.  With Rocco’s guidance, we were able to get the suit dismissed at the very outset of the case.  This prevented our town from having to defend a costly and lengthy suit, and avoided distracting individual Council members from focusing their efforts on helping run the town.  Rocco is someone you hope to get a chance to work with.  He has the highest regard for integrity, is always there for you whenever you need him and consistently follows through and delivers on his word.

Ray Melone

Partner, Ernst & Young

I have had the pleasure of working with Rocco on a number of legal cases.  Rocco is a talented and tenacious litigator who uses his creative legal skills to craft winning strategies.  His attention to detail and investigative skills make him an asset for any business.  I have known Rocco for 25 years since we were college classmates and confidently recommend him to any business to prevent, mediate or litigate complex legal problems.

Lee Iannarone, Esq

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, PartnerRe Capital Markets Corp.

Simply put, Rocco is a smart, talented and creative lawyer.  He recently helped a contact of mine who was tangled up in a complex business divorce.  Through strategic advice and guidance, he was able to prevent this contact from litigating with his business partner and the bank that financed their company.  I’ve known Rocco for over 20 years.  We were law school classmates and practiced law together early in our careers.  He’s an excellent attorney.

Brian E. Raftery, Esq.

Partner, Dentons US LLP