Strengthening Business Partnerships Workshop

Join #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker and Law Firm Partner, Rocco Luisi, for the Strengthening Business Partnerships Workshop at your office or another location of your choosing.

Strengthening Business Partnerships is a system to improve relationships between company co-owners so you make more money, have more time to do what you want, and have more freedom.  We do this by building trust, improving communication and treating each other fairly.  When you create a positive environment by improving relationships through trust, communication and fairness, your business is going to skyrocket.  You’re going to wake up every morning with more energy and you’re going to look forward to building your business.

After working in the trenches with business owners to prevent, mediate and litigate internal business disputes for more than two decades, Rocco has seen first-hand why it takes more than just financial achievement to create a lasting and successful business.  Out of these deep experiences, Rocco has learned that it requires one thing more than any other: strong relationships between business owners.

With ingenuity, smarts and hard work, you’ve built a prosperous company from the ground up or successfully carried it on from the last generation or prior owners.  Now you need to make sure your business is strategically poised to last to the next generation or a well-timed sale.  The Strengthening Business Partnerships Workshop allows you to do so.

Successful companies share common traits.  Financial success is a given.  But equally important, the owners have strong relationships based on trust, communication and fairness.  This is made possible by implementing a written ownership agreement with key terms; structuring the business to prevent conflicts and disputes between co-owners; and planning for timely succession to manage next generation expectations and prevent frustration.  Implementing these key fundamentals through the Strengthening Business Partnerships system will allow you to ensure lasting business success.

During the Workshop, we’ll take a deep dive and complete analysis of all the issues that call for strengthening business partnerships to allow businesses to thrive to the next generation or well-timed sale.  You will not only learn how to identify these issues in your own company, but also work through strategies in an interactive setting to ensure that your businesses succeeds.  Each participant will leave with a deep understanding of the topic and a strategic plan that identifies and implements strategies and tactics to improve owner relations through trust, communication and fairness.  This will allow you and your partners to focus your collective efforts on building your business so you make more money, have more time to do what you want, and have more freedom!.

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